Industrial Floor Paints, Epoxy Floor Paints, Chemicals & Protective Coatings

We are able to provide a full range of industrial floor paints and chemicals which includes:

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Do get in touch by phone on +44 1626 207064, or better, contact/email us with details of the project so that we can send you the relevant details by return.

Some of the other products that we can provide, include protective Floor Coatings, Non-Slip Paint, Building, Maintenance and Safety Products.

SafeKote, an easy to apply tough, weather resistant, anti-slip industrial floor paint suitable for indoors, outdoors and ideal for the marine environment.

Many products dramatically below list price, including EpoxyShield Garage Floor Paint, Anti Slip Decking Strips, Step Edges, Step Covers etc. Also, Noxyde, Peganox, Murfill, Dacfill, Fillcoat and many more.

Anti Slip Tile Paint – A new system for preparing ceramic tiles and other surfaces prior to the application of ProtectaKote and SafeKote

New range of Building, Maintenance & Safety Products are available.

Instant waterproofing for roofs and gutters – even in the rain! Fillcoat & Fillcoat Fibres are the products.

ProtectaKote is now available in TRANSPARENT. Ask for details.

ProtectaKote, the unique anti-slip paint is being used more and more. It is often used as a boat paint on decks, as non-slip paint, on Land Rovers to provide additional grip on checker plate and is regularly applied on narrow boats.

The ProtectaKote product page has plenty of useful information

There may be places where only anti-slip strips are required, such as on stair treads nosings, or where standard paint products suffer adhesion difficulties. We can now supply self-adhesive, Anti-slip Tapes in a range of widths and colours.

BITUMASTIC Industrial Protective Coatings – A name you may have heard of in the past. We are now able to provide a good range of their products, including Coloured Solution and Comastic, as well as Intex and Coal Tar products.

Anti-Slip Aerosols

Do get in touch by phone on 01626 207064, or better, email us with details of the project so that we can advise on the correct industrial paints, chemicals or coatings to use.