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PR 402A

Highly concentrated inhibited Hydrochloric Acid based descaler / rust remover.

PR 402C

Inhibited, lemon perfumed acidic based toilet cleaner & descaler.

PR 402E

Concentrated inhibited Hydrochloric Acid based descaler / rust remover / cement & mortar stain remover.


Gel formulation of PR 402E - ideal for concrete & scale removal from vertical surfaces .

PP 400

Phosphoric Acid based rust remover / descaler and aluminium brightener.


Concentrated, dilutable, low foam degreaser / rust & scale remover. Ideal for steel.

PCC 10

Highly concentrated Phosphoric Acid based cleaner, rust & scale remover.


Inhibited Sulphamic Acid based descaler with dye indicator.


Anhydrous mild descaler. Ideal for appliance descaling.


Hydrofluoric Acid for stone cleaning.


Heavy duty restoration cleaner, HF acid based, for cleaning heavily carbon contaminated masonry.

PCC 14

Highly concentrated blend of acids for cleaning aluminium.


Highly concentrated Inhibited Sulphuric Acid drain cleaner.


Citric Acid based cleaner - designed for use on sensitive materials.


Bottle Washing Fluid.


Inhibited acidic cleaner for the removal of scale & stains from surfaces & equipment.


Special product for the removal of Calcium Carbonate deposits from plate heat exchangers & related equipment.

Acids are water based chemicals which, in dilute concentrations are found in homes as well as in industry. Unlike basic or alkaline chemicals that are often soapy to the touch, acids are characterised by tasting sour or bitter such as lemon juice, coffee, vinegar and cola drinks. As acid cleaners they typically help break down inorganic or mineral stains.

Industrial acid cleaners and descalers are the same products and can be in a more concentrated form or not depending on their purpose and with various additions to assist in their function. A couple of very common applications where acid cleaners (or acid descalers) are used, are for removing scale in industrial water systems and for removing mill scale from steel. different products have to be used and in different ways. It is therefore important to discuss the project with us in order that we can provide the best solution based on your need. Adding highly concentrated acids to a water cooling plant in a power station may have dire consequences, a different approach has to be used that will be gentler.

Typical industrial uses for such acid cleaners/descalers include descaling, derusting, rust stain removal, mortar stain removal, metal brightening, stone cleaning, bottle washing and the removal of calcium carbonate deposits from plate heat exchangers and related equipment. In some circumstances like drain cleaning, the acid is strong enough to dissolve grease, protein and carbohydrate. In a domestic situation, acid cleaners are used for such jobs as tile cleaning and toilet cleaning among others.

With all these uses, one of the most important constituents of the acid cleaner or acid descaler is the water itself which is polar solvent and is a product that moderates the pH in solutions and is responsible for holding the resultant products in solution.

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