Resin Building Products – Additional Items

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Toolclean Toolclean is an equipment cleaner suitable for the removal of uncured epoxy, polyester and polyurethane resins. Used as an equipment cleaner and for uncured resin removal from tools and equipment as well as removal of paint and graffiti. Gripfast Composite single coat, fast curing slip resistant coating system As a slip resistant protective coating for concrete, metal and wood surfaces. SF Fast As with the standard SF system, Solvent Free Fast Cure Epoxy Resin System has been developed to provide protective and decorative properties to concrete, steel and other substrates. As a fast cure material, it can be hard dry typically within 5 hours at 20’C.  As a waterproof, tough, chemical resistant floor or wall coating in food preparation areas it has the advantage of being solvent free. Hence there will be minimal concern in breweries, abattoirs, bottling factories etc. As an internal lining for concrete or steel storage tanks containing oils, chemicals, water etc. It is particularly suitable for chemical bunds and appropriate where a fast return to service is necessary. Tackprimer Fast Tack primer Fast is a fast setting and low temperature, fast cure grade primer/adhesive, suitable for application at temperatures down to 0’C  As a primer for concrete prior to the application of Floorpatch Fast or Tufscreed Fast at low temperatures or when a fast cure is needed. As an adhesive for bonding new to old concrete e.g. Resin bonding new floor toppings to old concrete. As a protective treatment to exposed steel reinforcement during concrete repair. Tufscreed Fast Fast curing heavy duty version of Tufscreed. DPM DPM has been developed to function as a residual construction moisture suppressant, to allow the early installation of moisture sensitive flooring in fast track building programmes.  As a surface damp proof membrane and as a moisture suppressant on concrete and sand/cement screeds as well as a damp tolerant primer for concrete and resin screeds. Surfacer Surfacer is a two-pack, water based, thin section surfacer for sealing porous blockwork and for sealing concrete surfaces prior to coating application. It is particularly suitable for sealing porous, vertical concrete and blockwork substrates.