Alkaline Cleaners and Degreasers

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PA10 Medium duty caustic free high foam powder oil & grease remover for ferrous & non ferrous metals. PA11 Heavy duty caustic free low foam powder oil & grease remover for ferrous & some non ferrous metals. PA12 Highly alkaline powder degreaser & decarboniser for ferrous metals. PA13 Low foam spray powder cleaner with corrosion inhibitors for ferrous & non ferrous metals. PA16 Highly alkaline liquid caustic cleaner & degreaser. Will remove paint, fat & oil. PA18 Non caustic water based alkaline cleaner with corrosion inhibitors. PA25 Alkaline powder for mild degreasing of ferrous & non ferrous metals via immersion cleaning. Specifically designed for use prior to Manganese Phosphate process. Perf Inhibitor Dip tank corrosion inhibitor for metal components – specifically designed for jigs etc, following stripping. Sodium Hydroxide Solids Sodium Hydroxide / Caustic Soda powder / pearls. Sodium Hydroxide Solutions Sodium Hydroxide solutions available in varying Concentrations, 27, 32 ,40 & 46%. Perf Passivator Inhibits corrosion by passivating the surfaces in plate heat exchangers after acid cleaning.