Spray on Anti Slip Aerosol Paint

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Slippery surfaces can constitute a major risk to both companies and private individuals.
After all, all you have to do is slip and you could be badly injured.
This danger lurks in countless places: floors, stairs, etc.


An effective solution
Luckily there is a product which can dramatically lower the risk of slipping.
A coating which immediately turns most slippery surfaces into an anti-slip ones.
It can be applied to concrete and tiled floors, but also to parquet floors, lino, stairs, door­steps, corridors and stairways, in short: everywhere you would like to prevent people slipping.
This small-scale investment can help you prevent accidents which could lead to considerable damages.

Easy to use
These Anti-Slip Aerosols can be used on all manner of surfaces. The product adheres to metal, concrete, stone and wood and rapidly forms a virtually non-slip surface which immediately minimises the risk of slipping. It is eminently suitable for small surfaces and the handy aerosol makes it easy to apply: all you have to do is spray it on. You do not need brushes and there are no complicated instructions.

Available in the following colours: Clear, Safety Yellow and Black

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