Anti Slip Decking Strips

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So, you have decking that provides an outdoor living space, yet during the wet or winter months, the surface becomes slimey and slippery.

There may also be steps up to the decking, and they too may become slippery and a lurking danger.

There is an answer that is suitable for decking, steps, bridges, walkways, marinas, balconies and other similar locations, and can be fixed to metal, wood or concrete to provide a safer surface.

Anti-slip paints may not adhere to the surface, and anti-slip tapes may not stick either, but glass fibre reinforced decking strips will provide an industrial grade, weatherproof, coarse gritted anti-slip surface that provide maximum slip resistance.

(Note: They may not be suitable for barefoot areas and where there are young children. In these areas, screw down anti slip plates may be a better option.)

These decking strips are 3mm – 5mm thick with bevelled edges, very quick and easy to fix and provide a long lasting solution.

They are pre-drilled for screws or bolts, can easily be trimmed using a hacksaw, and are available in various widths and lengths.

They are also available in a stone colour or a contrasting black to act as a better visual aid.

Sizes available:
50mm, 90mm or 120mm wide

Now supplied as either 1200mm or 2400mm long coloured black or stone.


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