Do it yourself Bedliner using ProtactaKote

After ProtectaKote Application
Before ProtectaKote Application

To increase your colour choice and reduce your costs, create your own bedliner. With the exception of the ProtectaKote, most of the application materials for a bedliner can probably be found under the kitchen sink or in the garden shed.
Only buy what you need!
A durable and inexpensive bedliner solution to give your pick-up, van or other vehicle a new start in life.
It beautifies, protects & can save you money.

ProtectaKote is a polyurethane based product that is designed to be easily applied as truck or van bedliner with great results.

It is a polyurethane coating (so it is tough, flexible and waterproof) with rubber granules (that protect both the vehicle and the load) that is applied to the bed surface using open foam stipple rollers and a brush.

When cured, ProtectaKote used as a Bedliner provides a durable skid-resistant protective coating and because it can bond to virtually any surface or material, ProtectaKote can be applied to wood, metal, concrete, aluminium, asphalt, rubber, fibreglass, and most plastics, including PVC.

ProtectaKote used as a Bedliner won’t chip, flake or peel and is resistant to damage from petrol and most chemicals & solvents. It can withstand years of heavy duty use.


To make your own Bedliner Kit you will need
4 litres of ProtectaKote protective coating – enough for 2 coats over an area of approximately 5 or 6 square metres
rollers for easy application
1 abrasive pad for scuffing/preparing the bed
1 paint brush for tight spots/corners
Application Instructions


To do the job right you should also have:
One litre of Xylene, Acetone or MEK to prep the surface of the bed before coating, rubber gloves, stirring stick (although we recommend a drill with a paint mixing attachment), paint tray and some rags, and tape for masking off areas.
If you think you will require additional ProtectaKote because the area of the bed is larger than 5 or 6 square metres, you want to put on an additional coat in certain, very hard wearing areas, or just in case, please order them when you order the 4 litre can. It will save carriage charges at a later date.
Work in a well ventilated area and do read and follow the instructions because, although ProtectaKote can be removed while it is still wet, once dried it will be virtually impossible to remove. It would also be a good idea to wear a pair of overalls when doing the application, just to protect you clothes.

For Bedliner Application Instructions, click here.

Protectakote product inforamation, click here.
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If you have any questions, please contact, email or call us on 01626 207064.

Whilst in the United Kingdom, the product is sold under the name of ProtectaKote, in the United States of America it can be found under the name of both Durabak and Herculiner