Car care and Vehicle and Transport products

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VC4 Heavy duty non caustic Traffic Film Remover. VC2 Lighter duty non caustic Traffic Film Remover. PD302 Car shampoo with silicone. PD305 Car shampoo. Spraywax Mineral Oil based Spray wax. Deepclean4 Non caustic Traffic Film Remover & rust stain remover. Deepclean4 Gel As above but as a ready to use Gel providing prolonged contact on vertical surfaces. Lococlean Non hazardous / non caustic traffic film remover & rust stain remover. Superwash Powerful non hazardous / non caustic degreaser and traffic film remover. Available with silicone for added sheen. PP400 Concentrated acid rust & scale remover ideal for aluminium rolling stock. Transport400 Mild efficient acid rust & scale remover for painted & unpainted rolling stock. Stockwash Thickened Oxalic Acid cleaner & rust remover for rolling stock. Also available in liquid and powder form. PWW Highly concentrated Windscreen Wash / De-icer. For use down to – 40°C. C-Thru Ready to use Windscreen Wash / De-icer fluid.  For use down to – 20°C. PGP10 Upholstery cleaner / multi purpose cleaner. Glass Cleaner Multi purpose Glass Cleaner. PTL Tyre mounting (and all purpose) lubricant. Antifreeze Various grades. Deicing Fluid Gel Automotive de-icing liquid. Deicing Fluid Automotive bulk form de-icing liquid. GUNWASH THINNERS Various “thinners” grades available. DEMIN WATER Conforms to 0 – 50ms. Battery ready demineralised water.