Coloured Solution
Tough, re-enforced with a gloss finish and with added rust inhibitors

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If you need a semi-gloss finish, Farm Oxide will suit your needs perfectly

Coloured Solution (originally Bitumastic® Coloured Solution manufactured by Wailes Dove), is a reinforced advanced modified alkyd with added rust inhibitor specially formulated for aggressive environments, which provides a tough resilient barrier, impermeable to air and moisture, effectively sealing out corrosion.

The product has the benefit of being a one coat system (no primer or undercoat necessary).

It is economical with excellent hiding power, lead free colours, no hazardous solvents, and may be overcoated next day.

Typical uses:
For industrial, agricultural and domestic use.
For example, machinery, gates, drainpipes, warehouse doors, steel frames, steelwork on garages, gates and railings.

Theoretical Spreading Rate
Application methods
Drying times at 20’C
Touch dry
Hard dry
Minimum overcoating time
Maximum overcoating time
Recommended system
Pack sizes

Range (See below)
10 – 13 square metres per litre
Brush, roller or spray

6 hours
24 hours
16 hours
Usually a one coat system but two is recommended
5 litres

If you need a semi-gloss finish, Farm Oxide will suit your needs perfectly

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Standard Green Lt.  Brunswick Green Grass Green Dark Green
Standard Red Aluminium Cream Signal
Standard Grey Light
Battleship Grey Golden
Regatta Dark Blue Oxford Blue Beaver
White Black

The above is only an idea of the colour range and should not be taken as accurate or complete.

Can’t find the colour you need?

Full range of BS4800 & RAL colours can be made to order
Contact us with the colour you require
We’ll get back to confirm formulation exists.
Most can be done in a minimum of only 5lt.
Please allow about 10 working days for made to order, which, once ordered are non-refundable.

For a copy of the product information, Coloured Solution Product Information.
Please note that you will require Adobe Reader to view the file.

Coloured Solution is not designed to be compatible with existing tar based or bitumen coatings