Durbocem will bond to damp walls, giving them a face lift; ideal for garden walls, cellars, caves and so forth.


Durbocem on garden wall
Bright clean garden walls due to Durbocem
Durbocem on a previous damp wall
On a damp wall

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If you apply a waterproof coating to damp masonry, you are inviting problems. The damp will re-appear elsewhere.
Durbocem is not a waterproofing product, it will not resist the water pressure through a damp wall, it will not stop efflorescence.

Durbocem brightening a cellar
In a cellar

What Durbocem will do is to adhere to the damp surface. Therefore you have a remedy for those persistently damp areas both internally or externally. Whether it is a cellar or a garden wall, Durbocem will will adhere to the ugly, damp wall and give it a face lift.

Durbocem on damp church walls
Damp church walls

Durbocem is a solvent based product designed to be applied to damp surfaces, both internally or externally. It is therefore ideal for tunnels, cellars, garden walls and other damp problem walls.

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