Epimastic MT
Moisture tolerant Coal Tar Epoxy

No longer manufactured.

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A two pack high build surface tolerant coal tar epoxy that combines the toughness, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance of a high performance epoxy resin with the excellent water resistance of coal tar. Epimastic MT has the benefit of being moisture tolerant (can be applied to damp substrates), surface tolerant (non immersed steelwork does not require abrasive blast cleaning), excellent water resistance, high build application (reduces application costs) and it meets the performance requirements of BS 5493 KF3.

Epimastic MT can be used in under-water areas (e.g. jetties, piles, barges etc.), crude oil and crude oil/ballast tanks. Long term storage protection of steel exposed to rain in marine atmospheres etc. and pipeline exteriors. At recommended film thickness, please allow a minimum of 48 hours at 20ºC prior to immersion of the coating.

Colour: Black
Finish: Slight Sheen
Mix Ratio 6:1 by volume Base : Curing Agent
Recommended Film Thickness 178-286μ WFT / 125-200μ DFT
Theoretical Spreading Rate 4-6 m2/litre

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