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The common type of inexpensive concrete floor paints are widely known for poor performance and not giving the desired long-lasing bond to concrete surfaces. The heavy traffic from feet and vehicles on garage floors can quickly damage the cheaper coatings as they struggle with withstand the abuse. Hot tyres will often lift the paint right off the concrete.

Using Epoxy garage floor paint is your best bet for proper bonding. You can get both one part and two part epoxy floor paints designed for use on garage floors and concrete. EpoxyShield is an easy-to-apply epoxy paint that is one of the two part variety.

The Ultimate Garage & Concrete Floor Paint System

With Epoxy garage floor paint you can get the kind of showroom-quality garage floor that will make you the talk of the neighbourhood.

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garage_grayGrey with white, black & blue flecks
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Epoxy garage floor paint delivers long-lasting performance
Protects against petrol, diesel, antifreeze, motor oil, salt and hot tyre pick-up
Easy to keep clean
Easy to apply
Water-based for low odour and easy clean-up
Kit includes concentrated surface cleaner – no muriatic acid etching needed
Environmentally friendly
Durable and time saving one-coat application – no primer needed

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