ET Coating – epoxy resin based, tar derived resin coating


ET Coating is based on a solvent free Epoxy Resin system modified with a hydrocarbon resin derived from coal tar.

This modifying tar is free from pitch and hence represents a low hazard during use. i.e. ET Coating is much more user friendly than conventional Pitch Epoxy Coatings.

ET Coating is supplied as a two pack material in pre weighed quantities ready for mixing and use. It may be applied direct to concrete or steel, or else used in conjunction with a substrate specific primer.

Typical Uses

Chemical bunds, sewage treatment works, effluent plants, anti-slip flooring, anti-corrosive protection of steelwork.


Excellent resistance to water and chemicals.


Cost effective

Easily applied

Reduced toxicity

Excellent anti-corrosive properties

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Also available ET Slurry