Farm Oxide, an economical, lead free semi-gloss finish for wood, metal, brick and stone

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An economical single pack semi-gloss finish based on alkyd resin, strengthened with specially selected extenders.
The range of colours are obtained with the use of durable lead free pigments.

Typical uses:
For interior and exterior surfaces, including new and previously painted wood, metal, brick and stone.
Ideal for general painting in building, industrial and agricultural areas where an easily maintained attractive finish is desired at a low cost.

If you need a gloss finish, Coloured Solution is the answer 

Standard Green Standard Red Standard Grey

The above is only an idea of the colours and should not be taken as accurate or complete.

Colour – Red, Green and Grey
Finish – Semi Gloss
Theoretical Spreading Rate – 10 – 12.5 sq. m per litre
Application methods – Brush, roller or spray
Drying times at 20’C
Touch dry – 3 hours
Hard dry – 8 hours
Minimum overcoating time – 16 hours
Maximum overcoating time – indefinite
Recommended system – See data sheet
Pack sizes – 5 litres

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