Graffiti Removers and Preventers

Graffiti Gone
A liquid general purpose graffiti remover specially designed for use in sensitive areas.

Safe on Plastics
has been developed specifically for use on sensitive surfaces such as Plastics and Polycarbonates, surfaces which would normally be attacked by most other graffiti removers.

Exterior Stubborn Graffiti Remover
Concentrated, brush on paint, varnish and graffiti remover.

Multi Purpose Graffiti Removing Gel
The product is thickened to prolong contact time aiding more efficient removal of graffiti soiling from a multitude of hard, non-porous surfaces (e.g. masonry, aluminium, and melamine).

Graffiti Ghosting Remover
for use on all types of stone and masonry where traditional graffiti removers have left shadows.

Graffiti has been around for centuries and examples have been found in Aztec and Mayan ruins, Egyptian pyramids, Greek and Roman construction and nowadays on the streets of our towns and cities. The ancient graffiti was hidden and the need for Graffiti Removers as we know them was probably unknown. Today we use chemical weapons to remove the daubed graffiti from our walls and structures; these are our graffiti removers and they try to return the surface to the original appearance.

The word ‘Graffiti’ derives from the Italian for ‘scratched’, so today’s writing and drawing is probably shorter lived and some may call it vandalism, but others consider it street art. Viewing creations by ‘Banksy’ might make one wonder which it really is. However it is described, we try to cater for the property owner or manager who wishes to have the blemishes removed. We provide Graffiti Removers as well as Anti Graffiti Coatings.

Our products are wide ranging in use but the basic ones are the Multi Purpose Graffiti Removing Gel, a multi purpose graffiti remover for hard, non porous surfaces both inside and out. We also have Exterior Stubborn Graffiti Remover, which is primarily used in removing painted graffiti from masonry and unpainted metal and wood. We also have Graffiti Gone, a liquid multipurpose graffiti remover designed for use in sensitive areas. Non of these three should be removed on or too close to existing paintwork or plastics but we also have the Graffiti Remover SOP, developed specifically for use on plastics and polycarbonates that would normally be attacked by most other graffiti removers.

Care must be taken when using any of these products and we recommend that a small test be carried out on the surface before venturing to remove from a large area. Further, be aware that when using a graffiti remover on porous masonry, there is a possibility that the liquefied pigments may penetrate the porous surface and leave the pigments in the matrix, which can appear to be a ghost of the original and may prove virtually impossible to remove at a later date.