HB Mortar – Epoxy Resin based mortar with lightweight fillers


HB Mortar is formulated from a solvent free Epoxy Resin system, together with specially selected lightweight fillers.

The mixed mortar has excellent application characteristics, allowing overhead and vertical repairs to be easily accomplished.

HB Mortar is used in conjunction with a separate primer, such as Tackprimer

The product is supplied as a three pack material, pre-weighed to allow easy on site mixing and use.

HB Mortar provides a strong, durable, weatherproof repair for concrete, brickwork, stonework and steel substrates.

Typical Uses

Repairs to spalled concrete structures, particularly for vertical and overhead applications.

Cosmetic refurbishment of old stone and brickwork. (Colour matches possible.)


Excellent adhesion to substrate
Very good abrasion and impact resistance
High build application in vertical and overhead locations
May be applied to damp substrates
Impermeable and waterproof
Chemically resistant
Ease of mixing and application
Good mechanical properties
Increases effective concrete cover

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