Heavy Duty Emulsifiable Degreasers

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PES30 Multipurpose grease and oil remover. PMP100 Water dilutable, multipurpose grease and oil remover. G1B/S Water dilutable, terpene based, grease, oil, tar and wax remover. Enviroplus Environmentally friendly, water dilutable, terpene based, general purpose cleaner. During manufacture, metal parts invariably become contaminated with dirt, oils and so forth, and have small metal particles that should be removed. In preparation for additional operations such as painting or metal treatment, the parts must be cleaned back of any contaminants. Industrial degreasers are utilised as the solvents to remove and dissolve these contaminants. Industrial degreasers are typically based on solvents derived from the oil industry, chlorinated liquids or alcohol based products as well as the range of alkaline or basic pH type products that are used where biological waste has to be removed. Cleaning methods can include dipping, brushing, spraying, wiping and even vapour degreasing is used, a typical example from the recent past being the use of trichloroethylene in the dry cleaning industry. The choice of application and the constituents of the industrial degreaser are often determined by the type of contaminant as well as the material being cleaned. For example, certain solvents can be excellent at removing oils but can also be used to fuse acrylic plastics together. At Paco Systems we tend to generalise the industrial degreaser range into 3 broad categories. These are the Heavy Duty Emulsifiable Degreasers, Solvent Cleaner Degreasers and the Alkaline Cleaning Products. Within these categories are products to remove materials such as fats, oils, greases, tars, glues, resins, gums, adhesives, and general surface dirt. The choices may then depend on whether they are used hot or cold, whether they have low or high flash points, whether specific to a particular contaminant or for general use and of course the strength of the material must be taken into account for some of these products can seriously affect aluminium and dissolve it. The range of options is vast and the choice of degreaser must take into account so many factors that we always suggest that the project details are looked at in details before choosing. Tell us the criteria and we can send you details of which industrial degreaser matches your needs.