Marine Chemicals – high grade products with the marine user in mind.

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Air Cooler Cleaner Cleaner for air coolers on diesel engines. Alkleen Buffered Non caustic powder alkaline tank cleaner and degreaser. AntiFoulant Marine safe Antifoulant for sea water cooling systems. Ballast Tank Corrosion Inhibitor Corrosion inhibitor for use in ballast tanks. Manufactured to order only. See Floatcoat Beaded Hand Cleaner Heavy duty beaded Hand Cleaner gel. BioClean Concentrate Liquid bacterial enzyme drain / waste treatment. Biocontrol FOT A microbiological control agent for use in water, oil and fuel oil systems. BioPC 20 Powder bacterial enzyme drain / waste treatment. Enviroplus Environmentally friendly, terpene based, degreaser / cleaner. FUEL OIL TREATMENT  Fuel oil additive for high & low speed engines. (MX1/MX2) FUEL OIL SEPARATOR CLEANER Cleaner / degreaser for fuel oil separators. Inhibited Sulphamic Acid Powder descaler with indicator dye. PA16 Heavy duty, high alkaline cleaner. PA18 Non caustic alkaline cleaner with corrosion inhibitors. PCS202 Cold immersion carbonised oil, grease and paint remover with seal. Performance CW Rust Remover and “Clear Water” water treatment for use in water systems. LOS Cleaner / degreaser for lube oil separator bowls. Perf 805 Multipurpose tank cleaner / degreaser. Perf 818 Heavy duty solvent emulsifier for oil & grease removal. Pertuff Non caustic tank cleaner & deodorising tank wash. PE103 Electrical cleaning solvent. Medium / slow dry. ICFD Aerosol Electrical cleaning solvent. Flammable. Fast Drying. PES 30 Multipurpose grease & oil remover. PGP77 & PGP77LF General purpose hard surface cleaner / degreaser. (LF-Low Foam version) PGP500 Multipurpose non caustic neutral hard surface cleaner / degreaser. PGP 2000 Heavy duty water based oil & grease remover. PP 400 Phosphoric acid ased rust remover/descaler and aluminium brightener. PR 402A Highly concentrated Hydrochloric Acid based descaler / rust remover. Inhibited for protection of steel. PSCH Non flammable electrical parts cleaner. Quickbreak “Quick – Split” cleaner for engine room and cargo tank. QuickCrete Fast setting bonding & patching compound. Can be used underwater. Sediment Remover Sediment, mud & silt remover for marine systems. Soot Remover Powder Soot removing powder.