Floorcote Non-Skid Deck Paint a low profile anti-slip floor paint

A modified alkyd based coating filled with aggregate to give a low profile, anti-slip surface which is easily applied to areas where sure foot conditions are essential.
The product has good drying characteristics, hence short down times and can be applied to most surfaces without major preparatory steps.

Typical uses:
Metal and wood deck areas of seagoing vessels, wet and slippery walkways and production environments, where minimum interruption can be tolerated.

Theoretical spreading rate
Application methods
Drying Times at 25°C
Touch dry
Hard dry
Minimum overcoating
Recommended system
Pack sizes

Cornflower, Red Oxide, Grey and Green
8 sq metres per litre
Brush or roller

3 hours
5 hours
16 hours
Normally a single coat application
5 litres

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Alternatives may be SafeKote and ProtectaKote, but view a range of anti slip paints .