Noxyde and Peganox – single coat corrosion protection with a tough, long lasting coating

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Noxyde is an outstanding rust preventative coating with exceptional adhesion to virtually any substrate.

Noxyde can be used for the protection of virtually all metalwork and is particularly suitable for the protection and refurbishment of profile sheet cladding, ‘Plastisol’ type cladding (plastic coated steel), roofs, general steelwork, tanks exteriors etc.

Containing powerful rust inhibiting pigments, Noxyde dries to form a tough, flexible (200% elasticity) rust preventative coating that is impermeable to water and highly resistant to pollution and salt spray.

Easily applied by brush, roller or airless spray, Noxyde contains no lead and no organic solvents, so there are no toxic or flammable vapours.

The versatility of Noxyde allows application to a variety of surfaces, with minimal surface preparation so it is ideally suited to:
Coastal structures
Metallic roofs
Tank Exteriors
Structural steel





In effect, an application of Noxyde is like encapsulating the structure in an impermeable plastic coat. Consequently it has been used for application to such areas as marine buoys, urban industrial cladding, metal roofs, water tanks, cable bundles on bridges, cranes, lighthouses, fuel storage tanks, grain silos, subway coach roofs, structural steel within incinerator buildings and profile sheeting to name but a few.

Because Noxyde is designed for airless spray application, Peganox has been developed as an easier to apply product for the smaller or more manual type applications where brush or roller application is preferred. It can still be sprayed but is a thinner coating than Noxyde.

Want information about Noxydizing? This is a pdf with plenty of details about the benefits of Noxyde.

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