Premium Protection – high grade bitumen enhanced with Gilsonite, outperforms standard bitumen.

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A high performance, high grade bituminous coating that outperforms normal bitumens and contains both Gilsonite and synthetic media, providing a cost effective resistance to corrosion.

Typical uses include:
· General protective coating for steel, mature concrete and other cementitious surfaces
· Storage tanks, gutters, railings, pipelines, valves
· Jetties, piles, manhole covers
· Dutch barns, cottage plinths
· Damp proof dressings

Theoretical spreading rate
Application methods
Drying Times at 25°C
Touch dry
Hard dry
Minimum overcoating
Maximum overcoating
Recommended system
Pack sizes

5.5 – 8.2 sq metres per litre
Brush or roller

2 hours
6 hours
16 hours
Should be applied in 2 coats, or 3 in severe environments
5 litres

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