QuickCrete – rapid set, cement based repair, bonding and patching compound even under water

QuickCrete – bonds to concrete, masonry, stone and steel

QuickCrete is a fast setting, high compressive strength repair, bonding and patching compound that shows no appreciable volume change on setting.

Qucikcrete can be applied or used in or out of freshwater or seawater. It shows its initial set in 4/5 minutes and reaches a compressive strength of at least 3,000 psi. in air and 2000 psi. under water, in 24 hours.

QuickCrete bonds to clean concrete, masonry, stone and steel. QuickCrete is free of calcium chloride.

QuickCrete has many uses for concrete repair where speed is of the essence or where the repair is underwater.

Sewers, Pipework, Sea Walls, Outfall Pipes, Surface Spall Repairs, Tank Repairs, Manhole Lining, Inspection Cover fittings, Pothole Filling, Water Channels etc.

Although QuickCrete takes approximately 28 days to reach maximum strength, it reaches its initial set in 4/5 minutes and can be trafficked after about 30 minutes.

QuickCrete is supplied in 25Kg kegs.

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