SafeKote – single pack anti-slip polyurethane originally designed for marine use but suitable for so many other applications


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SafeKote is a single-component polyurethane coating incorporating anti-slip particles that provide an attractive slip-resistant surface for wet and dry areas, even in marine environments. SafeKote has an attractive, low gloss finish which is easy to apply and to clean with an extremely abrasion and weather resistant film. The non abrasive, anti-slip silica particles of SafeKote make it perfect for use in environments such as hospitals, hotels or children’s playgrounds.
Bonding exceptionally well to wood, it makes an ideal clear anti-slip deck paint and non slip coating for other wooden areas.safekote

SafeKote is an anti-slip paint, ideal for:
· Steps
· Decks
· Walkways
· Bathrooms
· Ramps
· Boat Decks
· Stowage areas
· On slippery floors exposed to water such as showers, change rooms and ablution blocks.
· Clear SafeKote is ideal for providing a anti-slip coating on surfaces such as wood or any other substrate with an aesthetic surface, including marble, polished stone etc using Clear Primer Treatment. (Data sheet below)

Colours: A range of standard colours is available including clear and a range of marine colours that will not fade or yellow from UV radiation.
Black, Clear, Blue, Grey, Light Grey, White, and Yellow.


Typical benefits:
· Small silica non slip particles which are not painful to walk on with bare feet.
· Easy to apply; simply apply by brush or roller.
· Bonds to fibreglass, wood and most other surfaces without a primer.
· Can be overcoated or repaired.
· Resists diesel, petroleum and many solvents, good resistance to organic and inorganic acids.
· Abrasion resistant.
· Easy to clean.
· Good inherent flexibility to allow for substrate movement.
· Fast drying and cure; trafficable after only 4 hours.
· Tough and weather resistant.
· Colour-fast.
· Will not taint water or food once cured

If you need a product with a heavier texture, have a look at ProtectaKote, which has rubber aggregate.

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SafeKote Clear 4lt £87.00
SafeKote Blue 4lt £73.00 approx. RAL5010
SafeKote Black 4lt £73.00 approx. RAL9005
SafeKote Lt Grey 4lt £73.00 approx. RAL 7047
SafeKote Grey 4lt approx. RAL7012
SafeKote Yellow 4lt £73.00 approx. RAL1023
SafeKote White 4lt approx. RAL9016
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Thinner Cleaner 1lt £7.60
Clear Primer 0.5lt £9.50
Clear Primer 1lt £15.50
Clear Primer 5lt £61.90
2K Metal Primer 1.5lt £34.60
2K Metal primer 6lt £120.40
Duraprime Sealer 1lt £23.70
Duraprime Sealer 5lt £75.70
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For a copy of the Safekote-Datasheet, please click here.
Please note that you will require Adobe Reader to view the file.

For a copy of the Clear-Primer-Treatment-Datasheet, please click here.
Please note that you will require Adobe Reader to view the file.