SaniKlene – combined disinfectant, deodorant and detergent

SaniKlene combines deodorant, disinfection & detergent properties in a perfumed water based solution.


Suitable for use in storage and working areas, cargo containers, office buildings, factory areas, transport vehicles, working surfaces, corridors, lavatories, changing rooms, swimming pool and slipper bath areas, civic buildings, mortuaries, kennels, catteries, waste disposal units, rubbish chutes, wheelie bins etc.

These are just some of the many locations in which the cleansing, deodorant and bactericidal actions of SaniKlene can make a valuable contribution to hygiene.Cleaning is achieved by the incorporation of concentrated detergents that suspend the dirt particles and emulsified oil.

Maximum dilution 1:100. Odour Control is provided by the incorporation of a deodorant compound that gives instant and dramatic improvement in odour conditions by neutralising offensive smells.

Disinfection is achieved by the incorporation of a bactericide.

The agent has been shown to be effective against the following:- Strep.Faecalis, Staph.Aureus, E.Coli, Kleb.Aerogenes, Prot.Vulgaris, Candida Albicans, Pseud.Aeruginosa, Lysteria Monocyt., Clost.Welchii, Strep.Mutams.

SaniKlene has had widespread and successful use as a cleaner of rubbish chutes through jetting equipment.

An official report by a London Borough claimed: “There have been no significant reports of massive infestation of cockroaches in flats etc, as in adjacent Boroughs, since the cyclic cleaning started with this product. Also, the product, unlike others, has caused no damage to the jetting equipment.”

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