Sanisorb – turns spillages of bodily fluids into removable, disinfected gels, within minutes

THE CONTROL OF SUBSTANCES HAZARDOUS TO HEALTH (C.O.S.H.H.) declares that the handling and disposal of contaminated waste presents a significant risk to maintenance and healthcare personnel.

Sanisorb has been developed to assist with this directive and is easy to incorporate in normal Health and Safety procedures.

Simply sprinkle powder liberally over spillage ensuring absolute coverage, Sanisorb immediately commences turning spillage into a gel. Just scoop debris into suitable disposable bags and dispose of as set down under normal procedure for infective waste.

Ideal for emergencies Sanisorb compound contains 1% Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate – a chlorine donor which is regarded by many, including the Health Service and the Government, as the most effective disinfectant in the fight against disease. That is why it is recommended by the world’s major authorities for use against HIV and Hepatitis B viruses.

Sanisorb permits the establishment of a disinfection station at an affordable price at high risk areas. This is extremely useful in areas such as schools, hospitals, etc. where it may be desirable to set up multiple stations, or where budgetary constraints inhibit the use of more expensive alternatives.

Sanisorb is available in a Biohazard Kit, which is compact and lightweight. This Kit is easily portable and can be kept in a drawer, a glove-box, in a pocket or even in a handbag. For details, please contact us.

PLACES OF USE: Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Ambulances, Shopping malls, Police Cells, Canteens, Schools, Restaurants, Hotels, Camp Sites, Public Toilets, Barracks, Public Telephone Boxes, Kennels, Car Parks, Public Houses, Social Clubs, Fair Grounds, Amusement Parks, Leisure Centres, Offices, Cars, Buses, Aircraft, Trains, Vets Surgeries, Kindergartens and all public areas.

PACKAGING 6 x 340gm packs and 6 packs of spill kits

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