Screeds, mortars and adhesives for use in the building industry


Low viscosity Epoxy primer for concrete prior to the application of Floorpatch or Tufscreed, as an adhesive for bonding new to old concrete and as a protective treatment to exposed steel reinforcement during concrete repair.

Clear Coat

Non-yellowing, clear Epoxy Resin as a clear sealer for Tufscreed and Quartzscreed. Also used as a clear coating / sealer for concrete, natural stonework etc.


A versatile, epoxy paste adhesive being particularly suitable for all general purpose bonding operations. EPA may also be used for thin section concrete repairs.


A heavy duty Epoxy floor screed that provides a seamless, protective and decorative, thin section anti slip floor for food factories, dairies, abattoirs, plating shops, hospitals, sugar refineries, breweries, chemical bunds, etc.


Decorative coloured Quartz Epoxy screed for a decorative, hygienic and durable floor where aesthetics are an important consideration e.g. Food production, electronic and engineering industries, printing, pharmaceutical production, hospitals etc.

ET Slurry

Tar extended heavy duty decking slurry The mixed material provides a waterproof, flexible, abrasion resistant, and seamless wearing surface, to which anti-slip or anti-skid characteristics can be conferred by the broadcasting of an appropriate aggregate. Typically used on footbridges, ramps, chemical bunds, sewage treatment works, effluent plants, wet working environments, car parks, etc.

SL Screed

Self smoothing Epoxy floor screed designed to provide a hard wearing, impervious, seamless floor finish which is hygienic and easy to clean.Suitable for use as a floor screed in laboratories, pharmaceutical plants, hospitals, food preparation areas, electronics assembly factories etc.

Epoxy Concrete

Deep section screed / repair mortar  Used as a deep section protective screed for floor areas subject to impact abrasion and chemical spillage and as an economical, fast curing in-fill screed/mortar prior to application of the final floor finish, as well as a thick section Epoxy bedding mortar for kerbs etc..


Heavy duty Epoxy repair mortar. Floorpatch is a high strength, trowel applied three component epoxy resin mortar designed for rapid and permanent repairs to concrete and masonry surfaces and repairs to spalled or damaged concrete, chemical bunds, bedding pre-cast concrete beams, nosings on expansion joints, floor repairs etc.

HB Mortar

HB Mortar is formulated from a solvent free Epoxy Resin system, together with specially selected lightweight fillers and is typically used for repairs to spalled concrete structures, particularly for vertical and overhead applications and the cosmetic refurbishment of old stone and brickwork. (Colour matches possible.)


SBR is a styrene-butadiene co-polymer emulsion which imparts beneficial property improvements to cementitious mixes. a) Flooring: screeds and patch repairs in dairies, abattoirs, breweries, factories etc. b) Bonding additive: renders, slip bricks, tiles, coping stones, etc. c) Concrete repair: making good structural concrete, increase in effective concrete cover.


A Fast Setting, All Purpose Repair, Bonding and Patching Compound  QuickCrete is a fast setting, high compressive strength repair, bonding and patching compound that shows no appreciable volume change on setting. It can be applied or used in or out of freshwater or seawater. It shows its initial set in 4/5 minutes and reaches a compressive strength of at least 3,000 psi. in air and 2000 psi. under water, in 24 hours.