Screedseal – matt sealer for resin floors that upgrades chemical and abrasion resistance


Screedseal is a single pack, water based, matt sealer specifically developed for use with resin floor screeds to up-grade chemical and abrasion resistance, as well as to enhance the aesthetic appearance.

The material is easy to apply, and is fast drying to allow rapid access.

For application to coves and upstands, a thixotropic version is available: Screedseal T.

Typical Uses

As a chemical and abrasion resistant sealer for Epoxy and Polyurethane resin floor screeds.

As a clear, crack bridging, anti-graffiti coating for concrete and masonry surfaces.


Easy to apply
User friendly (water based, single pack)
Very good resistance to water, solvents, and other chemicals
Good abrasion resistance and durability
Excellent UV stability
Matt finish

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