Sealex – Heavy Duty Bitumen Protection

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A gelled thixotropic bitumen solution for use as a heavy duty protective coating for iron, steel, concrete and cement asbestos substrates.

Key features:

· Conforms to BS3416  Type I, BS6949 Type II and Category (i) of Directive 2004/42/EC
· High build application in a single coat
· Surface tolerant – can be applied to wired brushed substrates
· Flexible to resist cracking

Typical uses:
· As a waterproofing product for under bodies of vehicle
· As an anti corrosive coating in difficult to reach areas, e.g. box section
· Pipe work externals
· Piles or buried steelwork
· As an underwater anti-corrosive coating for narrow boats

Theoretical Spreading Rate
Application methods
Drying times at 25’C
Touch dry
Hard dry
Minimum overcoating time
Maximum overcoating time

3.3 – 5.0 sq metres per litre
Brush, roller or airless spray

2 hrs
6 hrs
16 hrs

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