Standard Black – A fast drying coal tar solution

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A fast drying coal tar solution with excellent anti-corrosive and moisture resistance properties
that make it an ideal coating for the protection of iron and steel in marine and industrial

Key features:

Often confused with other similarly named but inferior bituminous products, Standard Black is produced from specially selected coal tar pitches, and by virtue of its chemical structure, has become synonymous with quality protection, offering a very high resistance to most types ofatmospheric aggression, particularly in sea-board areas.

Typical uses:
Compared to bitumen coatings, Standard Black:

  • has better impermeability to water
  • has better resistance to salt, brine and sea water
  • has better adhesion to indiferent substrates
  • has higher resistance to solvents, oils and low aromatic solvents
  • has higher volume solids

Theoretical Spreading Rate
Application methods
Drying times at 25’C
Touch dry
Hard dry
Minimum overcoating time
Maximum overcoating time

11.2 sq metres per litre
Brush, roller or airless spray

2 hrs
12 hrs

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