Tack Primer Fast – a fast curing version of the standard tack primer


Tack Primer Fast is a fast setting and low temperature, fast cure grade primer/adhesive, suitable for application at temperatures down to 0’C

The product exhibits excellent adhesion to old and new concrete, including cool, damp surfaces, and may be used in all rapid or low temperature bonding and priming operations involving concrete and other masonry surfaces.

Typical Uses

As a primer for concrete prior to the application of Floorpatch Fast or Tufscreed Fast at low temperatures or when a fast cure is needed.

As an adhesive for bonding new to old concrete e.g. Resin bonding new floor toppings to old concrete.

As a protective treatment to exposed steel reinforcement during concrete repair.


Solvent free, low odour
Fast curing at usual temperatures
Very good chemical resistance
Excellent adhesion to concrete and steel
Impervious to water, Low viscosity, easily applied
May be applied to cool, damp surfaces
Pre-packaged units ready for use
Cures down to 0’C