Anti Slip Tapes – self adhesive, anti-slip tapes in a range of colours, widths and finishes

These are not substitutes for anti-slip paints (e.g. ProtectaKote, SafeKote and Gripfast) but are designed for areas that require a different approach.tapesweb1

There may be places where only anti-slip strips are required, such as on stair treads nosings, or where standard paint products suffer adhesion difficulties. They are unique in their durability, competitive pricing and their range of colours, textures and available widths.

Available in various grades, typically standard, coarse, extra coarse, hazard tapes, glow in the dark, conformable and Aquasafe for areas where water can be a slip hazard.


The anti-slip tape performs best when used in conjunction with the edge fix and primer. Both add increased life expectancy to the products and are custom formulated for the material.

Primer The primer is ideal for use for on porous surfaces (wood, concrete, stone etc) it prevents any water attacking the adhesive from underneath. series of anti slip tapes of various grades. Do not use with Aquasafe tape.

Edge fix Edge fix is used down the leading edges of our anti slip tape to prevent any of the edges being kicked up, one 70ml tube will cover at least 17 linear metres of tape edges. Do not use with Aquasafe tape.tapesweb

Please read the downloadable pdf file for full details. See below.

With no hazard restrictions, tapes can easily be posted/shipped worldwide, unlike many paint-on products.

To order self adhesive anti slip tapes.

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