Waterproofing Coating Solutions for Roofs and Walls

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Waterproofing can be described as providing a barrier to prevent the passage of water from one place to another. This may be by building a structure such as a dam, installing a pond liner, or even constructing a boat from fibreglass; all are forms of waterproofing. For us at Paco Systems, supplying paints, coatings and chemicals, waterproofing coating solutions are the areas that we look at.

A solid, thick coat of paint provides a waterproofing coating solution. Imagine the walls of a building that are porous, then imagine a layer of waterproofing paint such as Plicote or Murfill or other, that dries into a plastic-like layer and bonds to the surface. The result is a building with walls that repel the water and prevent it from entering the property.

The other areas of buildings that needs protection with a waterproofing coating solution are the roofs, and often flat roofs, where products such as Dacfill®, Bitumens (Aluminium Reflective 101) provide a waterproofing layer. Floors usually have waterproof proof sheeting below the concrete, but quality products such as the Resin Building Products have waterproof floor coatings that also provide other benefits such as prevention of dusting and chemically protecting the concrete underneath from any spillages.

Waterproofing also plays a part where there are leaks, such as in gutters and downpipes and where Fillcoat and Fillcoat Fibres can be used to seal the leaks. External wood requires protection, and as such Marine Varnish provides a stronger, more flexible film and is suitable for the marine environment. Waterproofing coating solutions are also required for example, where metal objects are buried (Intex is good), or are continually splashed such as on vehicles (Sealex B130 works well).

Barges, narrowboats, construction piles and similar areas also require a waterproofing solution and there are products such as Intex  are used to provide the answer.

Fillcoat: The ultimate roofing/waterproofing product; outperforms bitumen and other roofing products. Instantly seals leaks in any weather.