Industrial Grade Chemicals

In addition to the Paints and Industrial Coatings, Paco Systems provides Industrial Chemicals, catering for most manufacturing and production sectors. In addition to this, there is a large network of experts that we are able to call upon to help provide you with the solution to your enquiry.

For further details, please contact or email us.

Paint Strippers / Decarbonisers
Acid Cleaners / Descalers / Derusters / Concrete Cleaners
Heavy Duty Emulsifiable Degreasers
Solvent Cleaner / Degreasers / Water Based Solvent Replacements
Phosphating Chemicals
Alkaline Cleaners / Products
Dewatering / Lubricant / Penetrants
Hard Surface, General Purpose Cleaners and Disinfectants
Toilet Cleaners
Drain Cleaners
Car Care / Transport Products
Catering Products
Bacterial / Enzyme Products
Pool and General Water Treatment Chemicals
Miscellaneous and Special Products
Marine Chemicals
Water Treatment
Raw Materials