Etch Primers – used to promote adhesion to surfaces

Two Pack Yellow Etch Primer
…air drying anticorrosive etching primer based on a modified vinyl resin designed to promote adhesion to metallic substrates.
…an effective adhesion promoter for ferrous and non ferrous substrates, particularly aluminium.
Can be overcoated with a range of finishes.

Etch Primer (Single Pack)
…ideal shop primer for ferrous and non ferrous surfaces.
…rapid drying PVB based acid cured etch primer for steel and aluminium.
…bonds strongly and provides a suitable base for a wide range of topcoats. Can be overcoated with epoxy, alkyd, CR and polyurethane primers and topcoats.

Etch Primer (Twin Pack)
…ideal for ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces requiring high performance etch bonding.
…high performance twin pack acid cured etch primer with excellent keying properties into steel and aluminium surfaces prior to full painting schedules.
…rapid drying and accepts most paint systems.

Protectakote 2K Metal Primer
A dual component etch primer suitable for achieving adhesion of ProtectaKote and SafeKote to all types of aluminium as well as all other metal types where adhesion is problematic. ProtectaKote 2K Metal Primer is suitable for applications involving complete immersion in water.

Clear Primer Treatment
ProtectaKote Clear Primer is a single component primer treatment, which can be used to prepare inorganic surfaces such as marble, glazed tiles and aluminium prior to the application of a polyurethane coating.