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Biologically removes stains and odours often untouched by conventional cleaning agents.

Once applied, BioClean’s billions of harmless micro-organisms digest the soiling which other bacteria can feed on. It is the action of these other bacteria that produce the mal-odours often associated with dirty drains, toilets and soiled furnishings. Conventional chemical cleaning cannot remove organic soiling from within the pile of furnishings and carpets, or concrete tile grouting. These products can only clean the surface. The micro-organisms in BioClean are attracted by this food source and will colonize it, eating it until there is nothing left. BioClean may then be vacuumed. The power of BioClean is achieved by utilising all natural micro-organisms. There are no harmful or dangerous bacteria or chemicals in BioClean. These harmless microbes act as a powerful cleaning tool to digest all organic matter. Because of the natural ingredients in BioClean it is unlikely to cause harm to users, equipment or the environment and is therefore especially suitable for use in schools, hospitals and institutions where care in the selection of safe cleaning agents is important.
Use BioClean to remove odour problems caused by pets and babies. Remove the staining and odours caused by urine, vomit, spilt dairy products, fruit juices, beers, wines, vegetable stains, fats, greases, etc.


Heavy duty bactericidal cleaner and degreaser. Passes BS EN 1276 & BS 6471.


Combined disinfectant, deodorant and detergent

SaniKlene combines deodorant, disinfection & detergent properties in a perfumed water based solution.

These products are suitable for use in storage and working areas, cargo containers, office buildings, factory areas, transport vehicles, working surfaces, corridors, lavatories, changing rooms, swimming pool and slipper bath areas, civic buildings, mortuaries, kennels, catteries, waste disposal units, rubbish chutes, wheelie bins etc.

These are just some of the many locations in which the cleansing, deodorant and bactericidal actions of SaniKlene can make a valuable contribution to hygiene.Cleaning is achieved by the incorporation of concentrated detergents that suspend the dirt particles and emulsified oil.

Maximum dilution 1:100.Odour Control is provided by the incorporation of a deodorant compound that gives instant and dramatic improvement in odour conditions by neutralising offensive smells.

Three types of perfumes are available.

All are pleasant, persistent, lingering odours.

Disinfection is achieved by the incorporation of a bactericide.

The agent has been shown to be effective against the following:- Strep.Faecalis, Staph.Aureus, E.Coli, Kleb.Aerogenes, Prot.Vulgaris, Candida Albicans, Pseud.Aeruginosa, Lysteria Monocyt., Clost.Welchii, Strep.Mutams.

SaniKlene has had widespread and successful use as a cleaner of rubbish chutes through jetting equipment.

An official report by a London Borough claimed: “There have been no significant reports of massive infestation of cockroaches in flats etc, as in adjacent Boroughs, since the cyclic cleaning started with this product.

Also, the product, unlike others, has caused no damage to the jetting equipment.”

Bio PC-20

A biological cleaner for marine and sewage plant use

* Clears pipes and systems blocked by organic water matter.
* Cleans sewage holding tanks with out the need for entry of personnel.
* Re-activates biological activity in systems which have been turned septic by the use of aggressive cleaning products.
* Eliminates the odours associated with systems which use of aggressive cleaning have been turned septic  by the products.
* Extremely cost-effective, saves time, money and manpower.
* Eliminates the need for hazardous chemicals.
* Keeps systems in optimum operations condition.


* For cleaning blocked pipes and systems where the pipes ‘fall’ is insufficient or the system is overloaded.
* Cleaning sewage holding tanks without the need of entry.
* Restarting septic sewage treatment plant.


Sanitary Fuids for portable toilets and for caravans, boats and planes

Concentrated formaldehyde free, portable toilet additive. Assorted fragrances available.


Pearlised liquid hand soap.

Deep Clean Degreaser

Heavy duty kitchen degreaser & carbon remover.


General purpose hard surface cleaner and degreaser.


Low foam version, designed for scrubbing machines.

PDC Drain Cleaner

Highly concentrated ‘Blockbusting’ acid based drain cleaner.


Sanisorb – turns spillages of bodily fluids into removable, disinfected gels, within minutes
THE CONTROL OF SUBSTANCES HAZARDOUS TO HEALTH (C.O.S.H.H.) declares that the handling and disposal of contaminated waste presents a significant risk to maintenance and healthcare personnel.

SANISORB has been developed to assist with this directive and is easy to incorporate in normal Health and Safety procedures.

Simply sprinkle powder liberally over spillage ensuring absolute coverage, SANISORB immediately commences turning spillage into a gel.
Just scoop debris into suitable disposable bags and dispose of as set down under normal procedure for infective waste.

Ideal for emergencies SANISORB compound contains 1% Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate – a chlorine donor which is regarded by many, including the Health Service and the Government, as the most effective disinfectant in the fight against disease.
That is why it is recommended by the world’s major authorities for use against HIV and Hepatitis B viruses.

SANISORB permits the establishment of a disinfection station at an affordable price at high risk areas.
This is extremely useful in areas such as schools, hospitals, etc. where it may be desirable to set up multiple stations, or where budgetary constraints inhibit the use of more expensive alternatives.

SANISORB is available in a Biohazard Kit, which is compact and lightweight. This Kit is easily portable and can be kept in a drawer, a glove-box, in a pocket or even in a handbag. For details, click here.

PLACES OF USE: Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Ambulances, Shopping malls, Police Cells, Canteens, Schools, Restaurants, Hotels, Camp Sites, Public Toilets, Barracks, Public Telephone Boxes, Kennels, Car Parks, Public Houses, Social Clubs, Fair Grounds, Amusement Parks, Leisure Centres, Offices, Cars, Buses, Aircraft, Trains, Vets Surgeries, Kindergartens and all public areas.

Biohazard Spill Kit

for small spillages of bodily fluids
These Biohazard Spill Kits provide a highly effective method for the clean-up of infectious body fluid spills. They minimize cross contamination and are safe as well as convenient for clinics, doctors’ offices, nursing homes, schools and more

The Kit is designed to give affordable protection for employees from all body fluid spills be it on or off site.

Each Biohazard Kit Contains the following:
1 pair Disposable Examination gloves
1 Disposable Mask
1 Disposable Apron
1 Scoop with Spatula
1 Biohazard Bag (to BS381C:1988)
1 Sachet of Disinfectant Spillage Compound
1 Antibacterial moist cleaning wipe (alcohol free) which conforms to HSE guidelines

The above Biohazard Kit has been selectively put together following guidelines set out in publication ISBN 0 11 886355* ‘SAFE DISPOSAL OF CLINICAL WASTE’.