ProtectaKote – the anti-slip, abrasion resistant, multi-purpose polyurethane coating

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ProtectaKote is an anti-skid and protective coating for commercial and industrial environments.
It will chemically bond to most clean and dry surfaces. These include, but are not limited to, concrete, wood, fibreglass, metal, rubber and sound-painted materials.
It also bonds to itself making it repairable.

Using recycled rubber as its grit (except for the transparent) it is very tough, resilient and durable, yet comfortable and non-abrasive.
It is waterproof, totally flexible, chemical and UV resistant.
It dries quickly to minimise downtime and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

There is no mixing of components so there is no room for error.
It is extremely user friendly and can be applied by just about anyone, and result will be an industrial grade coating.

No single product can be so easily applied to so many different surfaces, for so many different uses… from a truck bed to a ship or boat… from a shower area or swimming pool to a water treatment facility or refinery … from a loading dock to stadium steps or wheelchair ramps… from a secondary containment area to a roof top… from a kitchen area to helicopter landing pads or bridges, etc.

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ProtectaKote available in Clear, Blue, Green, Grey, Black, White, Yellow and Sand.(Clear is textured with polycarbonate particles, which do not yellow under UV light.)


Extremely Durable, Comfortable, Non-Abrasive & Aesthetically Attractive

ProtectaKote is great as a Bedliner for your pickup, click here.

Versatile: Will bond well to all prepared, clean, thoroughly dry surfaces. On sound-painted surfaces, paint must be fully dried or cured to manufacturer’s specifications. The solvents in will not soften or attack properly dried or cured paint.
Easy Application: Brush, Roller or Spray
One-Part: No mixing of components
Range of Colours: Grey, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Clear and Black
Anti-slip: Has excellent anti-slip properties in both wet and dry conditions due to its granular texture, yet is non-abrasive and comfortable to the touch
Wear-resistant: Is extremely tough and may be specified in applications where abrasion or high traffic will be experienced
Durable: Never chips, flakes or peels
Flexible: It withstands impact, vibration, bending and flexing
Resistant to chemical attack: Resists most acids, solvents and chemicals as well as salt and fresh water
UV Resistant: Standard version for indoor use and UVR version for indoor or outdoor use.
Safe: Is odourless when cured and will not taint food and water and in the event of a fire, it will not support flame nor give off toxic fumes
Fast Drying: Very short inter coat time. Foot traffic in 6 to 12 hours depending on temperature and humidity.
Economical: Lasts for years
Repairable: Bonds to itself, no need to remove old paint if recoating
Priming: Certain surfaces and conditions benefit considerably from being primed prior to full application. The following primers are available.
Duraprime– a twin pack, water based Epoxy primer of brushable consistency for clean cementitious surfaces, damp or dry, as a primer for damp surfaces and bituminous surfaces and as a sealer for screeds.
Protectakote 2K Metal Primer – a dual component etch primer suitable for achieving adhesion of
ProtectaKote to all types of aluminium as well as all other metal types where adhesion is
problematic. 2K Metal Primer is suitable for applications involving complete
immersion in water.
Clear Primer Usage – a single component primer treatment, which can be used to prepare
inorganic surfaces such as marble, glazed tiles and aluminium prior to the application of
ProtectaKote and SafeKote.
This product ensures excellent adhesion of the topcoat to unreactive inorganic surfaces without changing their appearance, thereby allowing the application of clear protective or non-slip coatings.

If you are seeking an equally tough product but with a finer aggregate please have a look at SafeKote.

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In the United Kingdom, the product is sold under the name of ProtectaKote and in the United States of America it can be found under the name of both Durabak and Herculiner.

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