WB Coating – high performance water borne epoxy floor and wall treatment


WB Coating is a high performance, water based Epoxy resin coating for the treatment of floors and walls and is designed to be user and environmentally friendly, containing no solvents and being of a very low odour during application.

WB Coating may be easily applied by brush, roller or airless spray, to provide a decorative, abrasion and chemically resistant coating of excellent durability.

Typical Uses

This Water Based Coating can be used as a floor coating in food factories, abattoirs, dairies, laboratories etc.

As a chemically resistant coating for bund areas.

As an anti-graffiti coating.

As a hygienic coating, WB Coating produces an easily cleanable surface for walls, ceilings etc.


May be applied to dry or damp surfaces
Available in a range of colours
Being water based it has low odour
Easily applied
Excellent resistance to water, oils, skydrol, petrol, dilute acids and alkalis, many solvents, etc.
Very good adhesion to concrete
Hygienic and easily cleaned

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